New study says Illinois students not prepared for college

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According to the Chicago Tribune, the class of 2011 earned the highest average ACT score in the past decade, but it still falls behind the national average and leaves most high school graduates unprepared for the challenges of college.

“Results of the ACT college entrance exam offered a sobering portrait of students ending their high school years, with only a quarter of graduates who took the test nationwide posting scores high enough to be considered college-ready in all main academic areas.

Illinois fared worse, with just 23 percent of test-takers meeting all college-ready benchmarks in English, reading, math and science.”

The 23 percent is unchanged from last year, and suggests that the state and local school districts are not doing enough to prepare students for the ACT. This leaves it up to the students, the parents, and companies like Grace Tutoring to help fill the gaps.

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