What is the PSAT?

The PSAT or Preliminary SAT®, is a state-wide test administered in schools during the month of October during a student’s Junior year. The test provides an opportunity to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship and other recognition programs, as well as offering an opportunity to take a practice SAT.

Specifically, the PSAT measures critical reading skills, math problem skills, and writing skills. Like the SAT, the test does not require you to memorize specific facts. Most schools, including Lake Forest High School and Libertyville High School, register your students automatically for the test.

More information on the PSAT can be found at the College Board Website.

How can Grace Tutoring Help with the PSAT?

We offer a 12-hour PSAT Preparation Course specific to your child that focuses on boasting the three main skill areas. Contact us today to develop a custom tutoring plan and see how we can help you.