Why Grace Tutoring Stands Above The Rest

Education is important to Grace Tutoring

From kindergarten to college, we focus in on the whole student, specifically hand picking tutors to match students on both academic skills and their ability to relate to students and their individual needs. What sets Grace Tutoring apart from other tutoring companies is our thorough understanding of what families on the North Shore need. Being local, we know the demands placed on students are intense. Our concern is not just grades or test scores, but helping students understand and reach their own potential by giving them the right tools and strategies.

Test preparation tutoring with Grace Tutoring

What Types of Tutoring
Is Offered?

• Academic Tutoring
• Test Preparation Tutoring
• Skill-Building
• Summer Tutoring Program
• Additional Needs

In most situation, students will receive a combination of these services as they are needed. Our tutors will stay in touch with the student’s teachers, keep pace with age-appropriate milestones, and strive to understand all that is impacting a child’s ability or willingness to learn. Grace Tutoring is committed to proving the highest quality, most professional tutoring in the North Shore
Chicago Suburbs.

Who Can Benefit from Tutoring?

• Students Struggling with a particular subject
• Students that want to stay ahead of the curve
• Students that find final exams or courses stressful
• Students that need extra help for placement exams
• Students with Special Needs

If you have additional needs Grace Tutoring can help your child succeed

Additional Needs

At Grace Tutoring, we believe that every student is bright and capable of learning. If you have a need that we cannot specifically address, we will use all of our contacts to find you the person who can help you.