The Grace Tutoring Advantage

The Grace Tutoring Advantage. A student learns from a tutor

At Grace Tutoring, we believe in nurturing the whole child, not just his or her math skills. Our tutors will work to help students from Kindergarten to college develop self-discipline, academic integrity, and organizational skills. We carefully consider the needs of each student before recommending one of our extraordinary tutors and then we continuously oversee the family’s satisfaction. Having grown up in the intense academic environment of Chicago’s North Shore, we understand what students really need.

Why Choose Us?

After years of tutoring students and helping families, we have formed a unique and powerful perspective. We believe:

• Every student is bright and capable of learning.
• Every student can benefit from one-on-one tutoring.
• Students need tutors who are deeply invested in their wellbeing.
• Families deserve to have clear, regular communication.
• Families deserve to be heard. We are listening.

Students learning from the Grace Tutoring Advantage

Children benefit from one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of their own homes. We do not focus simply on grades or minimum requirements, but on helping each student understand his or her potential and giving them the tools to reach it. Families benefit when tutoring occurs in the most convenient location, whether that is at home, at school, or at the library. We are on your side!